Enhancing university graduate employability strategies

The Australian National University and Bond University invite you to attend a workshop presented by Associate Professor Shelley Kinash, Director of Learning and Teaching at Bond University.

Graduate employability across Australia is at an all-time low. Four months post-university, less than 70% of Australian graduates are employed full-time. Although ANU is recognised as having one of the highest (or the highest) graduate employment rates in the country, external economic factors continue to create challenging conditions that require continued strengthening and expansion of our embedded approaches to nurturing student employability. Research shows that the student experience can make a big difference in employability, but only if strategies are embedded in curriculum and assessment, and only when employability is championed by every educator in every subject.

This workshop has been designed to give educators the tools and approaches they need to improve graduate employability, which have been built on evidence- based approaches. Through an OLT grant, the facilitator led a team of researchers to survey and then conduct indepth interviews with students, graduates, educators and employers across the country. The presented research highlights the discrepancies between the four stakeholder groups in terms of their beliefs and experiences about what strategies and approaches work to improve graduate outcomes. The research has been strategically applied to design and develop frameworks, worksheets and case studies that can easily be used by every educator to improve their students' employability.

The workshop will directly address and provide practical tools and resources to support:

  • Students and graduates to strategically manage their student experience for improved graduate employability
  • Educators to pack their tool belts with new practical approaches for nurturing employability
  • Executive leaders with evidence and strategic approaches to champion and enable employability throughout the institution.

Participants will take away:

  • Knowledge of a research-based definition and framework of employability
  • Experience using worksheets, capability frameworks and case studies that can be taken back to schools and programs to train others
  • Printed material and a USB loaded with resources and tools.

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