eForms Upgrade

9 August 2019

Following months of intensive planning and rigorous testing, on Friday 9 August the IDTC team launched a new version of the ANU eForms software, giving the eForms a new look.

As with all software, keeping up with changes and improvements is essential to provide the best functionality and user experience. The ANU eForms upgrade is no exception – this upgrade will bring the following benefits:

  • After first save, auto-save functionality means that users should never lose data.
  • Performance improvements for faster form load and submission times.
  • PDRs will be available for download upon submission of forms.
  • Improved security features to give users peace of mind.
  • Upgraded technical functionality for our guests and temporary accounts users.
  • Improved API connectivity to enable improved system management and reporting.
  • Enhanced developer functionality to help IDTC develop better eForms for the ANU user community.

In addition to the benefits above, significant work has also been undertaken to clean-up older eForms which means these forms will no longer clutter your eForms queue or send you irrelevant email notifications.

Our heartfelt thanks to the IDTC team members who worked tirelessly with teams across the University over the last 6 months to rigorously test and plan this upgrade.

If you experience any issues or have questions about the upgrade, please let us know via the ANU Service Desk.