eForms Improvements - Single Sign On Upgrade

25 September 2018

ANU eForms has now switched to Single Sign On, following many other applications across the University. Staff and students will now be able to seamlessly access eForms and transition between other single sign on systems without re-entering authentication credentials. In less than a month, already over 6,000 single sign on authentications have been completed – that’s a lot of effort and frustration saved!

While most of the changes occur behind-the-scenes, the look and feel of the eForms portal has also been changed to include:

  • Text on the header bar indicating who is currently signed on;
  • Collapsible sections containing information on support, reporting and announcements; and
  • A footer bar with links and other contact information.

For those external to the ANU, for instance those completing a parking infringement dispute or completing a Visitor and Honorary Appointee eForm, access to eForms remains the same.