eForms Continuous Improvements

15 February 2019

The IDTC Team have been busy over the last two months, working with representatives from across the University to release eight eForm improvement packages. All of the changes below are the result of feedback from users and administrators. . These improvements are yet more examples of the University community working together to implement positive change to existing processes.

Functions on Campus

The most significant piece of work completed related to the Functions on Campus eForm. As a function organiser, the “Additional Information” page is now more compact, user friendly and accessible. In addition, questions have been added regarding whether you are selling published material at your function in order to ensure the University remains compliant with its contractual obligations.

Further changes from a compliance perspective also include the addition of information regarding the Working with Vulnerable People Act 2011 for functions organisers where under 18 year-olds will be in attendance.

Changes have also been made to the administrative processes relating to Functions on Campus procedures, with improved email and notification content for services providers, as well as additional automated record keeping activities and an auto-close functionality for completed forms.

Human Resources and Student eForms

Additional change requests across other eForms included:

  • amendments of the onboarding letter for the Visitor and Honorary Appointees eForm,
  • the addition of refund functionality and display of marks in the Manage my Degree Coursework eForm, and
  • a minor fix to the Thesis Distribution and Examination eForm.

Finance eForms

Travel eForm changes over the last two months include:

  • inclusion of the Form ID on the first page of the eForm,
  • updating the salary range and country level as per new values set by the ATO,
  • the addition of a choice of ‘D-fund’ in the funding provider tab,
  • inclusion of additional questions regarding ethics approval, and
  • the population of data regarding leave to HRMS for auto approved travel.