eForm Continuous Improvements

27 June 2018

Manage my Degree HDR

In order to assist students who withdrew from a course, new functionality has been added to the Manage My Degree HDR eForm to facilitate the refund of course fees. Further changes involved fixes to output documentation in the HDR Milestones Reporting eForm.

HR eForms

Recent continuous improvement changes to the suite of HR eForms included wording changes to the Mentor Validator in the Performance & Development Review to supply clearer direction to the user. Additional functionality was also added to the Visitor and Honorary Appointments eForm to provide critical information of the visitor to local Administrators. The 407/408 visa letter was updated in line with changed legislation.

Utility eForms

To ease the administrative burden on local areas, a utility form has been released to the HR and Travel teams that will enable them to easily recall or terminate an eForm.

Parking eForm

Since its release a year ago, the Parking eForm has generated over 1,400 applications.

Eighteen changes have been implemented to date, based on continuous improvement requests or bug fixes.

The latest changes include changes based on amended legislation; changes to improve processing times; and additional functionality to further streamline processing actions by the Parking Office.