Effective Performance Conversations (LPHR02)

Course overview

This full day workshop, facilitated by external consultants iHR, will offer supervisors the opportunity to further develop the confidence and technical skills to promote engagement and manage performance within their teams. This course will utilise a unique format, Workplace Reality Theatre, consisting of professional actors re-enacting real workplace situations, specifically chosen for ANU, which highlight various common workplace behaviours.

Who should attend

Professional and Academic Front Line Supervisors (Level 5 - 7/Level B - C)

Professional and Academic Mid Managers (Level 8 - SM1/Level D)

Professional and Academic Senior Managers (Level SM2 - SM3/Level E)

This full day workshop will provide the opportunity to identify the leadership behaviours which foster a culture of excellence as well as effective management approaches where underperformance exists. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to work with an external facilitator and two actors, in the Workplace Reality Theatre, to observe, analyse and implement effective performance feedback.

Key takeaways

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • What effective performance management is and why it is imperative in the modern workplace;
  • The link between leader behaviour and performance, and how to create a high performance culture through effective application of expectation setting, empowerment, evaluation, rewards and feedback;
  • Use positive communication tools and a coaching approach in discussions;
  • Techniques to conduct effective everyday performance conversations and give feedback to staff that is fair, accurate and consistent with the expectations of workplace law;
  • The importance of fairness and accuracy when managing performance and maintaining consistency between all elements of the performance management process;
  • How to apply relevant processes in managing poor performance in line with organisational procedures and the basic principles associated with procedural fairness in formal processes and termination of employees; and
  • The requirements related to documenting and recording performance issues.

What the course will cover

Topics addressed will include:

  • What is effective performance management? Understand the key components of performance management including expectation setting, empowerment, evaluation, reward and ongoing feedback and why it’s important in today’s workplace.
  • How do leaders contribute? Recognise the expectations of people leaders and explore the link between leadership behaviour and performance and how to foster a culture of excellence. 
  • How do we effectively evaluate performance? Assess capacity (the “what”) and conduct (the “how”) against performance standards in a fair and objective manner. 
  • What can we do to influence performance? Appreciate how leaders can positively influence performance through empowerment, coaching and reward.
  • How do we conduct performance conversations? Explore communication techniques and tools to conduct everyday performance conversations in a reasonable manner. Discover a simple but effective feedback technique that is fair, accurate and meaningful.  
  • What can we do if someone is “off the boil”? Identify possible causes of performance issues and appropriate actions and interventions that support effective management of issues, and have a positive impact on workplace culture.
  • Where can we seek assistance? Tap into the network that provides guidance, reassurance and support to people leaders undertaking effective performance conversations.
  • Are there any legal considerations? Learn how to apply relevant processes in managing under performance, including the principles associated with procedural fairness and the requirements relating to documentation.

When can I attend

Please email hrd.development@anu.edu.au for further information.


$345 per participant

For non-attendance/cancellation of a course with, the following charges will apply, unless the registrant nominates a colleague (who meets the eligibility criteria for the course) to attend in their place.

a. Notification of cancellation received within 0 – 5 working days of the course date will incur a charge equivalent to 100% of course fees

b. Notification of cancellation received within 6 – 10 working days of the course date will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of course fees

Please note for non-attendance due to illness or caring responsibilities, reasonable evidence will be required to waive the non-attendance fee.


A requirement of the registration process is to discuss and obtain the following from your supervisor:

  • Approval to attend the training program; and
  • Local area charging code
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