Editing Videos for Teaching

***The University has decided to cancel public events and social gatherings to minimise the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 among our community and more widely. Unfortunately, a flow-on effect of this decision means that we will have to postpone this workshop. Any questions, please contact EdDesign@anu.edu.au. Thank you for your understanding.***


Do you use videos in your teaching? This workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to produce an edited video to suit your teaching purpose. More specifically, we will be covering:

  1. Good practices for using videos
  2. Trimming and joining of videos
  3. Image and slide overlay
  4. Adding soundtrack or voiceover
  5. Using simple effects, transitions and title tracks

For this workshop, we will be using Adobe Premier Pro, an ANU Info Commons Software. However, the skills learnt will be transferable to other editing software.


Who is it for?

We welcome all staff, including tutors, demonstrators, professional staff, and academics at the Australian National University to join us. You can register via HORUS and find the course called AOS011 – “Editing Videos for Teaching” under the Training Catalogue. 



Frederick Chew is the Education Manager at Fenner School of Environment and Society. He has a background in engineering and media production before moving into education. He always believe that the use of technologies should align with pedagogical outcomes and he is constantly looking at new innovation does that.

Rebecca Ng is an Educational Technologist with the CASS Education Development Studio. She describes herself as a “partial cyborg” as she believes that technology has changed the way she thinks and approaches her daily life. More importantly, it has changed the way we perceive and learn. Hence, she is interested in researching new pedagogical approaches that can effectively integrate different technologies to support higher education.


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