Echo360 ALP Training Session

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) is a new platform that offers lecture recording, interactive activities, and Q&A features.

It provides features, including interactive slides, an option for students to flag confusion, and a Q & A function that can be used for a variety of teaching and learning purposes. 

This hands-on session will include:

  • Common functionalities lecturers will use
  • Level of adoption options
  • Step-by-step walk through of ALP and its interactive features
  • Hands-on exploration of the ALP platform

To register for the session, please click on the Register Now button on the top right hand side.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the sessions are located in different rooms

  • 11 July - Chifley Flex Lab 1
  • 12 July - Hancock Flex Lab
  • 17 July - Chifley Flex Lab 1
  • 19 July - Menzies Flex Lab
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