Customer Service Strategy

21 March 2019

Since 2013, the University has delivered a range of projects and initiatives to improve services through process reform, as well as business and digital transformation. This has resulted in more fully integrated systems, reduction of administrative burden, and the realignment of our service delivery models and values. 

Over time, these projects have improved the quality of our services and provided better outcomes for our customers. The value of these changes is evident in the improved cost-effectiveness of our service provision compared to other Universities following our service improvement changes. Despite this, the changes have not fully improved the overall service experience for the ANU community. Information gathered through the Administrative Services Survey and the University Services Feedback System suggests that we need to improve our service quality standards to further enhance our customers’ experience.   

In late 2017, the University Executive agreed that a whole of University program was needed to establish a more robust, consistent, and customer-orientated service culture at ANU. Following this, the University Council approved an improvement program, which led to the creation of a Customer Service Roadmap. This Roadmap was developed during a two-day workshop, which included senior professional staff and student representatives. The Roadmap was then reviewed in consultation with student groups and School Managers, before being approved by the University Council.

This ambitious Roadmap encompasses eight work streams, intended to drive a culture of customer-oriented service at ANU. It aims to ensure that we keep the customers’ needs in mind from start to finish in our delivery of services across the University, ensuring better outcomes for all. The three key strategic objectives of the Customer Service Program are:

  • embedding a culture of excellence in ANU customer service delivery;
  • enabling collaboration and innovation in delivering customer service; and
  • implementing systems and processes to support staff to continuously improve the customer service culture at ANU.

A Customer Service Program Office (CSPO) is in the process of being established, and positions will be advertised soon. This is an exciting new initiative, which will transform the customer experience at ANU.