Copy Previous Functions on Campus eForms

21 March 2018

After the successful release of the Functions on Campus eForm in December 2017, a familiarisation session was presented to end-users in January 2018 to provide additional assistance and advice on technical and policy related questions.

With the Functions on Campus eForm being in production for just over three months, there are currently over 200 applications in process, with an estimated 72% being student driven applications.

Based on feedback received from the wider ANU community, the IDTC released the Functions on Campus Copy eForm in February 2018.

This utility eForm will streamline the Functions on Campus application process for Staff and Students by enabling the user to pre-fill their application with details from a previous function. This new functionality is aimed specifically at users with a high volume of repeat functions with similar details.

With a commitment to continuous process improvement, the IDTC is consulting with the Business Owner on a regular basis to work towards the implementation of further change requests based on feedback received from end users.

For further information regarding this project, please contact the Project Coordinator, or x56244