Consultation underway for Purchase Card project

12 April 2017

March saw the project team engage in consultation with many college- and school-based groups around campus to discuss the proposed business process of the new expense management system. The team appreciates all feedback and will provide an update.

Timeline update

Concur will be launched in late May. This will facilitate incorporation of University feedback into business process and complete technical configuration of the software. A rollout plan, including last dates of submission for transactions on the current paper-based system will be communicated during April.

Call for PowerUser nomination

Preliminary training is commencing for PowerUsers during April. PowerUsers are leaders in their School or Service Division who will receive additional Concur training so they can support implementation. If you or a colleague would like to nominate to be a PowerUser, please contact the project team at

Once implementation is complete, the project team will hold drop-in sessions and local presentations for updated training, maintain the F&BS website and FAQs and offer PowerUser service forums, before handing ongoing support over to Central Finance. In the meantime, questions can be directed to your local PowerUser or School Manager in the first instance and to the Communications and Training Manager at