Consultation extended for the ANU Disability Action Plan 2020-2024

30 November 2019

The ANU Disability Action Plan 2020 – 2024 has been out for consultation across the University since August 2019, with consultation extended to ensure appropriate breadth and depth of engagement. A final version of this ambitious and action focussed plan will be presented to the IDEA Governance Committee for endorsement in February 2020 before being put forward to the University Council for approval for implementation.

There is a lot of work to do, by a broad cross section of stakeholders as outlined in the Disability Action Plan, to achieve equity across our University for people living with disability including staff, students and visitors. This work encompasses our built and digital environments, teaching and learning spaces, recruitment, training and retention strategies and all communication platforms.

All community members and leaders are encouraged to review the current document in preparation for the work ahead and we look forward to the contributions of our whole University community in making equity a reality for people living with disability.  

Copies of the current Draft Disability Action Plan can be sourced and feedback provided, by emailing