Changes to traffic arrangements on Balmain Lane

As part of the Acton Ridge Axis project, the main car park on Balmain Lane and the dirt driveway will be shut down from Friday 23 November until further notice.

There will be three temporary car parks established that can also be used as a pick-up/drop-off zones for the child care centres. Please respect the signage on the spot before using these car parks to ensure no traffic congestion is created and safety of everyone is maintained.

Balmain Lane will be used as the pick-up/drop-off for the Cubby House on Campus Early Learning Centre until the driveway next to the Centre is complete. A safe walkway from the drop-off area to the Centre will be established and fenced off to ensure the safety of users.

Please note that the laneway that surrounds Building 65 will be converted to one-way in the opposite direction to its current arrangement to allow traffic to exit Balmain Lane and the temporary car park. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Thank you for understanding.