Changes to the HDR Thesis Submission and Examinations Process are coming in 2018!

21 February 2018

Did you know?

The Examinations and Graduations Office (EGAP) and the Service Improvement Group (SIG) have a project underway that will result in the implementation of digitalised and automated thesis submission and examination forms.  The aim is to provide an efficient and effective process for managing HDR thesis submission and examination, reducing examination times and improving tracking and reporting.  

What will it mean for staff and HDR students?

  • The need to complete manual paper based request forms will be eliminated.
  • Workflow and business processes will be standardised, simplified and streamlined.
  • The process will be facilitated by two additional milestones on the candidature which can be completed through ISIS in the same way as existing milestones.
  • Staff and students will be able to monitor the progress of the thesis examination throughout the process.
  • Students will no longer need to supply printed copies of their thesis.
  • Examiners will receive the thesis electronically eliminating time spent waiting for hard copies to be mailed.

The upcoming changes are part of the ANU commitment to simplify and standardise HDR administrative support processes. The work will be released in stages this year.

To familiarise yourself with the project or for more information please visit the project web page, contact the Project Manager Megan Easton or contact the HDR Examinations Office (EGAP) via