BRF Program - Consultation begins on new budget model

6 May 2019

The Budget and Reporting Framework (BRF) Program is developing a new ANU Resource Management Model (ARMM). The new ARMM will provide a robust basis for determining budget allocations and a stronger basis to support the strategic and operating requirements of the ANU.

The initial planning and appointment of staff for the BRF Program has been completed, and consultations have now commenced. The consultations aim to identify issues and options for consideration in the design of the new budget model. Planning has also commenced for a series of co-design workshops, where relevant staff can participate in the exploration of the issues and the design of the new ARMM. 

Further advice will be issued once the planning for the co-design workshops has been completed. A BRF Program web page is under development and will be accessible from the Financial Services web page in the near future. Any questions or enquiries regarding this program can be directed to