ANU Vision for Teaching and Learning

Have your say on the direction the University is taking regarding teaching and learning
15 June 2018
The Vision for Teaching and Learning at ANU was developed to promote excellence in education across the university.
It will guide approaches to the learning and teaching that occurs in courses and programs at all levels at ANU. The Vision will also serve to inform future University discussion on classroom upgrades and new building projects focused on transformational education provision.

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Next steps

As part of the communication and consultation phase of the Teaching and Learning Vision process, feedback was sought from the entire ANU Community. All ANU staff and students are encouraged to provide feedback on the Vision, the Four Pillars of Teaching and Learning, and Improvement Strategies. Feedback has been collated, a summary of responses prepared, and a final version presented to the TLDC and SMG. The final version of the Vision has been presented to the Academic Board for approval.