ANU Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Education

The recipients of the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education have been announced by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt at a function this week. Congratulations to all of the award recipients and applicants for the 2017 awards.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

  • Dr Huda Al-Tamimi, Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, CASS.
  • Dr Andrew Bradly, Research School of Management, CBE.
  • Professor Michael Platow, Research School of Psychology, CMBE.
  • Dr Jason Payne (Early Career award), School of Sociology, CASS.

Award for Programs that Enhance Learning

  • Foundation Studies for Visual Art and Design at ANU School of Art: Mr Gilbert Riedelbauch, CASS.

Award for Indigenous Education

  • The National Science and Engineering Summer School for Indigenous Students (Program category): Dr Chris Browne, Dr David Akers, Associate Professor Anna Cowan, Ms Robyn Dass, Ms Marian Irvine, Ms Anne Martin, Ms Annabel McCabe, Professor Kristen Pammer, Ms Fiona Petersen, Tjabal Centre, CMBE, CPMS, CECS.

Award for Excellence in Supervision

  • Professor Emily Banks, Research School of Population Health, CMBE.

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

  • Dr Matthew Brookhouse, Fenner School of Environment and Society, CMBE.
  • Dr Shengyu Fan, School of Culture, History and Language, CAP.

Awards for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating

  • Ms Carys Chan, Research School of Management, CBE.
  • Ms Francesca Maclean, Research School of Engineering, CECS.
  • Ms Estee Tee, Research School of Biology, CMBE.
  • Ms Emi Yoshida, School of Culture, History and Language, CAP.