ANU Gateway build and migration progresses

31 August 2014

The ANU Gateway project has completed the initial requirements gathering phase of the project. This has involved a range of activity including:

  • 28 content audits of ANU sites, including site maps
  • 18 initial site owner interviews and additional follow-up interviews (involving more than 60 ANU staff)
  • web analytics collated from just under 21 million page views of ANU over 12 months from April 2013
  • 3 stakeholder workshops (involving more than 30 ANU staff).

The project is now commencing the build and migration phase. The project team have worked closely with content owners to design content types and templates that will meet their needs, and are now building these and populating them with content. There are more than 50 content types being created, and over 1,000 pages being migrated.

Attend an information session

An information session will be held on 24 September at 12 noon in the Finkel Lecture Theatre at the John Curtin Medical School of Research. All staff and students will be welcome.

The information session will provide an update on the work completed so far, including a presentation of examples wireframe designs to give you an idea of the look and feel of the new Gateway when it is released in November.

Please mark the date in your calendar, further information will be distributed soon.