Animal Ethics Seminar (ANML03)

PLEASE NOTE: Face-to-face seminars (including ANML03) are not currently running. You can still register via HORUS, and a link to the training material and quiz in WATTLE will be sent to you. You can then work through the material at your own pace and complete the quiz. Contact if any issues with registering on HORUS.

In addition (but is not mandatory) the Senior Veterinarian and Research Ethics Manager are available to run short sessions via Zoom for new starters who would benefit from some tailored guidance prior to commencing their animal work. To arrange this please contact the Ethics Office.


This training seminar is mandatory for ALL personnel involved in work with research animals, including wildlife projects. This course is a co-requisite for all ANU Animal Handling courses.

Training must be completed before commencing work with animals. Principal Investigators are responsible for providing the AEEC with details on the training and experience of all staff and students working with animals under their approved protocols.

  • Face-to-face seminar plus online notes and assessment.
  • Please allow 90 minutes for the session including Q&A time.
  • Register by clicking the "Register Now" button (via the HORUS Training Catalogue).
  • Sessions for small groups or individuals outside the scheduled time can be arranged by appointment.


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