Access ANU Project Update

27 June 2018


The Access ANU Project was started by the Service Improvement Group (SIG), in response to an August 2017 request by ANU School Managers to address challenges in the staff orientation process, the initial access to ANU digital systems and the navigation of the ANU digital environment.

Through extensive consultation, we uncovered the need to create an accessible location for new staff members to learn about the University, provide existing staff with a more intuitive resource for navigating the ANU digital environment. We will work with Marketing to make updates to the current ANU website, while investigating more in-depth future transformations in developing an intuitive new staff resource page. The creation of new resources for new staff is already underway as a project of work by Human Resources and will address many of the challenges in the new staff orientation process.

Additionally, we understand that the University offers over 40 systems with 17 having their own unique application process. These applications are largely paper based and are highly manual, requiring supervisors to fill out paperwork, and system owners to manually create accounts in their bespoke systems. This manual process results in supervisors having to track, on average, 6-8 separate email chains for each new starter. Our goal is to automate this process so that each individual is provided access to the digital systems and any permission that are required for conducting their job.  


The Access ANU Project is a major body of work and we have broken it down into several stages for delivery. We are currently at the start of the first stage, focusing on delivering the following benefits:

  • Changes to the current ANU website that will, in the short term, provide some immediate relief to the difficulties of locating and understanding the various ANU systems.
  • Changes to the current ANU website that will make it a more intuitive user experience.
  • Analysis on University systems to facilitate the future development of an automated access provisioning system.


Stage 1 is ongoing with a projected completion date in summer of 2019. We will be analysing several University systems over the next 6 months, spending about a month and a half on each system. Our collaboration with Marketing for website updates is ongoing with changes to be seen in the coming weeks.


Currently we are working with Marketing to make changes to the current ANU website to make it a more intuitive customer experience for new and old staff alike. The project brief that outlines our analytical approach for determining system access and authorisation is currently under review. Once approved, we will begin engaging ANU system owners to understand how they identify users and grant them access and permissions in their system.

How To Get Involved:

We currently do not have any upcoming workshops; however, if you desire to participate in future workshop, or would like to interact with the project team, please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, with your questions, comments, or concerns at or 55675.