Access ANU - Moving Right Along

14 December 2018

The Service Improvement Group (SIG) started the Access ANU Project  to address concerns raised by School Managers in 2017 regarding challenges in the staff orientation process, the initial access to ANU digital systems and the navigation of the ANU digital environment.


The Access ANU Project has been designed to alleviate several challenges across the University. The objectives and benefits include:

  • Provide additional resources for new starters and staff orientation.
  • Aggregating system notification to a single portal-like location.
  • Simplifying business processes to be more transparent and user friendly.



  • New starter webpage and resources – Human Resources plans to launch a ‘new staff’ webpage on Pulse during the first quarter of 2019. This page will be made available to all staff and those that have a pre-employment staff status. Additionally, a new online ANU staff orientation training module is expected to go live before the end of the year.
  • Aggregated system notification portal – KPMG and the SIG are finalising a plan to comprehensively evaluate the system notification challenge and how to best aggregate those notifications into a single staff tool. Data requests have been sent out to various stakeholders to assist KPGM in their analytical work. 


Future Initiatives:

  • Induction Checklist – Human Resources are developing a new induction checklist. The new checklist will be linked to ERMS and create a standard, University-wide process.
  • System Notification Workshops – After conducting initial analysis, KPGM and SIG intend to host workshops with users and stakeholders to discuss current approval processes. Outcomes from these workshops will be used to inform the design of a solution platform for aggregating and simplifying the numerous approval processes at ANU.


How To Get Involved:

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.