2017 UAC Preference reports released on Alliance

29 November 2016

Planning and Performance Measurement (PPM) have released a suite of reports via Alliance on 2017 Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Preferences for ANU and competitor institutions for the three cohorts of UAC applicants (Domestic PG, Domestic UG, and International UG). The reports are published to Alliance on a weekly basis with the data retrieved each Sunday. The 2017 reports differ slightly from previously published UAC preference reports by limiting the output to Table A Higher Education Providers (thus excluding non-university higher education providers) and presenting the output for the First Half Year.

The reports available have been generated from the ANU Insight data warehouse, based on extracts from the UAC data warehouse. It is anticipated that over the coming months, these reports will be converted to self-service filterable reports available for users directly via the ANU Insight portal. At such time, users of the site will be contacted to submit specific request, confidentiality and conflict of interest forms in order to access the UAC data directly in ANU Insight. In the meantime, any feedback about the utility of the reports may be provided via insight@anu.edu.au.


To access the 2017 UAC Preference reports on Alliance, please email insight@anu.edu.au identifying how preference data are required in your role at ANU.

Please note, access to the reports is granted on the basis that the data are used for internal ANU purposes only. No external distribution of the reports, or reference to the contents of the reports is permitted without the prior written approval of Director Division of Student Recruitment and Admissions (DRSA), Associate Director-Domestic DRSA or Director PPM.


Should you have any questions about the 2017 UAC Preference reports, please contact the ANU Insight Service Desk at insight@anu.edu.au or on 612 58649.