2017 Student Administration & Services Forum

The Student Administration & Services Forum is an annual two-day event that brings together student administrators and service providers from across the Australian National University as well as students and guests from other tertiary institutions.

This year the Forum will be held on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of September. The Forum provides a platform for administrators to present on innovations in their area, about their work and to share knowledge amongst colleagues. The Forum also engages keynote speakers to address the attendees, in order to bring fresh ideas and valuable insight.

The forum will be held in the Hedley Bull Building


Building Bridges

The 2017 Student Administration and Services (SAS) forum focuses on the theme of engagement within and beyond the university. Presentations from across the local sector will share insight into our means of engagement, and invite discussion about the challenges we face and their potential solutions.

As the tertiary education sector’s diversity and complexity grows, engagement presents a key challenge.

How do students most effectively engage with their studies and university experience?

How can staff, stakeholders, and the broader community facilitate the engagement with students and one another?

Universities in Canberra are confronting a range of challenges that impact engagement.

All of the universities have experienced, or are on the brink of beginning, construction and changing spaces, from CIT’s new campus to ANU’s union court. These physical developments have a significant effect on student life and daily business, requiring innovations in administrative and support services. Sustaining and strengthening our institutional standing in the context of such challenges requires commitment to collegiality and engagement.

Program Booklet

The program booklet can be found here

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