2015 Administrative Services Survey

13 August 2015

This year’s survey is a chance to tell us if various improvements are working and where to focus next in improving our administration.

The 2015 Administrative Services Survey has been distributed via email to staff in the following positions: Senior Executive, Dean, Director, Level E academic with management responsibility, or at a Senior Manager (SM) level within the University.

Participating staff are encouraged to complete the survey by 25 August to assist in driving effective and efficient services that meet the needs of our customers.

This is the third year of the survey and responses collected will be compared to 2013/2014 results to measure improvements (or deteriorations) in our administrative services. This information has been, and will continue to be used to inform and prioritise a range of service improvement initiatives. For example:

  • ANU Recruit moved the process of recruiting staff online, removing paper forms and approvals
  • ANU Gateway is consolidating web content into an efficient and effective web environment 
  • ERMS provides accessible and reliable record keeping in a central repository
  • Travel Approval has been automated replacing up to 10 paper forms
  • ANU Insight provides self-service business reporting across enterprise systems
  • Financial Shared Services will consolidate transactional based processing into a central hub
  • IT change proposal sets the future strategy and structure to support strategic priorities
  • Alumni Relations developed new programs supported by University-wide communication.

Click here (Staff only content) to view the results of the 2013 and 2014 surveys.