Merchandise development standards

These standards take you through what to consider when developing ANU-branded merchandise, to help you create high quality, practical products which reflect the integrity of ANU and are appropriate for your audience.


Please contact us for approval of all proposed logo use and ANU-branding on merchandise as early as possible. We recommend you consider the following:

  • Will the item allow correct and suitable placement of the ANU logo? Please contact us for prior approval for all proposed logo use on merchandise.
  • Does a similar or better item already exist that is available through the Harry Hartog Booksellers? Are other areas using similar items - there may be cost savings if the order is shared. For further information please contact Marketing Office.
  • The item should be a high quality product that reflects the integrity of the University.
  • Is the item useful or beautiful? Will it be used or worn, kept and admired or just put into landfill?
  • Trendy and gimmicky items are not necessarily the best way to represent the University.
  • A poor quality item can do more to detract from the University's image than promote it.
  • How will the item be used? Does it need to be light so it can be carried easily? Does the item come in an attractive presentation box or will it need to be wrapped? Will batteries or pen refills be easily available?
  • Is the product suitable for the audience? Is it culturally appropriate? Testing it with your audience can avoid expensive mistakes or embarrassment in the long run.
  • What we like personally or what other universities are doing is not necessarily the most effective gift or promotional item for ANU.
  • Use environmental and ethical merchandise options where possible. Can the paper used be recycled? Who is actually making the item you are purchasing? Positive products that meet these criteria can be part of the promotion.
  • Where possible, items should be made in Australia - we are The Australian National University, so we advocate Australian-made merchandise.