Sponsorship plays an integral part in strengthening corporate partnerships. If you are interested in sponsoring or seeking sponsorship for your area, Marketing Office can provide advice on:

  • evaluating external sponsorship proposals seeking our contribution towards an event
  • drafting proposals seeking sponsorship from external organisations
  • establishing sponsorship agreements.

Sponsorships are funded and managed by the relevant area. We will help investigate any collaborative options and will help with the corporate components of any sponsorship. We manage and fund a corporate sponsorship program with the assistance of several ANU areas.


Review the ANU Sponsorship Guidelines mentioned in the policies section before establishing an agreement.

Please consult the Marketing Office for approval if you are using the ANU logo or name (see our logo use standard under branding). We can also arrange Legal Office consultation and approval if needed.

If you have secured sponsorship from an external organisation for an ANU activity, you will need the approval from the Marketing Office before including the external organisation's logo on any ANU communication material.