Publishing & approvals

Release forms

A signed release form must be obtained from every person on-camera prior to commencement of the shoot. The producing business unit is responsible for securing and keeping this form, though copies should be provided to the Marketing Office.

Music licensing

All music used in your video must have the appropriate music licenses and rights cleared with the artist or relevant rights holder.

Third party content

All third party content used in your video, whether photographic, video, graphic, or text, must have the necessary rights cleared with the creator or relevant holder.


All ANU-produced video content remains the property of the University, and each business unit must protect their produced video content from copyright infringement.

Branding & distribution

Once approved by Marketing Office, videos will be labelled with the official ANU video logo and title overlays, and published on the ANU website and YouTube Channels.

SCAPA manages the ANUchannel on YouTube and Marketing Office manages the ANU Experience YouTube channel.