Content & quality assurance

ANU marketing videos should align with our brand personality of 'bold and confident'. These key elements should be captured in all video communication:

  • outspoken
  • collaborative
  • expert and confident
  • engaging.

Video content should also reflect the following ANU brand values:

  • the highest research and education standards in Australia
  • international and national issues, for the benefit of the Australian community
  • a close intellectual environment
  • vocal on issues of national and international significance
  • influence and leadership.

Good casting, well-chosen locations, professional scripting and wardrobe contribute greatly to the overall look of the piece. Here are a number of key points to consider:


A script is a blueprint for your production and will provide a structure for your video. A storyboard can also be very useful.


Your characters must be engaging. They are the subjects and focus of your videos and need to deliver your desired message. Be sure to cast actors who capture the diversity of students, staff and academics at ANU.


Locations should highlight the actors on camera and not obscure them. Keeping a distance between the actor's position and their background will help achieve greater depth and keep the actor as the main visual focus.

Visibility of all logos or branding should be obscured/removed from the camera's view.


All wardrobe should be free of logos or branding. Colours are preferred over white. Due to limitations with current video technology, clothing with the following should be avoided:

  • Stripes (horizontal and vertical)
  • Corduroy
  • Herringbone
  • Fine weave
  • Reflective fabric
  • Red and orange

See the images for examples of what to avoid.

Make-up & jewellery

Actors should wear make-up that is appropriate to their specific skin tone, and keep jewellery items simple. A light base coat, a shade darker than the actor's normal skin colour, can even out skin tone and reduce shine.