Printing & paper stock


Marketing Office does not have a preferred supplier arrangement with any printers. University Printing Service is available on campus or you are welcome to use any other local digital supplier.


To ensure your marketing materials are professional looking and consistent with ANU brand, we have set up some standards for paper stock.

    The standard ANU paper stock is Monza Satin. If you cannot use this, please use a stock which is 90 gsm on A2 coated, matte, satin or silk stock.

    Materials that are large in size, have a weight or size restriction or need to be cost efficient please choose:

    • 200 gsm for the cover
    • 90 gsm for the internal pages.

    The table below shows which paper stock should be used for particular marketing materials. To see the samples please contact Marketing Office.

    Paper stocks for various marketing materials
    Marketing material Brand Weight (gsm)
    A4 brochure covers Monza Satin 300, or 150 satin
    DL brochures Monza Satin 150
    DL brochures - double-sided Monza Satin 300
    Business cards Spicers Neenah Classsic Smooth Solar Ivory 340
    Christmas cards

    Spicers Neenah Classic Smooth

    Invitation cards

    Spicers Neenah Classic Smooth

    Place cards Tablex Systems Board White 300
    Postcards Monza Satin 350
    Thank you cards

    Spicers Neenah Classic Smooth

    Bookmarks Monza Satin 350
    Gift tags Tablex Systems Board White 300
    Graduation tickets Monza Satin 250
    Merchandise paper Tudor Kraft 100% recycled n/a
    Name tags Tablex Systems Board White 200
    Posters Monza Satin 150
    Posters (alternative) 9 Lives 80
    Presentation folder Tablex Systems Board White 350


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