VIP visits

The University has a responsibility to ensure that VIP guests are accorded appropriate regard and security, and enjoy their visit to ANU.

It is essential that SCAPA is informed before an invitation is extended to a VIP. In some cases the VIP is the one to request the visit, in this instance it is essential that SCAPA is informed immediately of the request.


  • All invitations to VIPs must be issued by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Invitations to events where the Vice-Chancellor will be playing a significant role must also be sent from the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Where visits are initiated by the VIP you must inform the VIP Visits and Protocol Officer at SCAPA.

How we help

SCAPA helps coordinate all VIP visits to ANU. We can help support your VIP visit by:

  • inviting VIP guests through the Vice-Chancellor
  • extending invitations to guests and managing RSVPs
  • ensuring the VIP is met by an appropriate ANU representative
  • issuing media releases and managing journalists' enquiries
  • organising appropriate meetings for the VIP
  • providing venue advice and bookings
  • determining catering, photography, recording and AV requirements and contacting the relevant people on campus
  • determining if others are required to be invited to attend
  • marketing and advertising strategies, and
  • advising ANU Security.

Who is considered a VIP?

  • Heads of State or Government
  • Ministers
  • Members of Parliament
  • Ambassadors
  • Senior public servants
  • Chancellors or equivalent
  • Vice-Chancellors or equivalent
  • High profile academics
  • Chairpersons/Chief executive officers of major organisations, and
  • Significant members of the public.

Other international visitors

ANU regularly hosts visits by senior representatives of partner organisations. Such visits are coordinated by Global Engagement who work with ANU staff, often at the Executive level, to develop appropriate and productive visit programs.