Holding an event at ANU is an excellent way to engage both the University's internal and external communities. Face-to-face communication creates a special atmosphere and builds the University's profile and sense of community by bringing people together across many different industries, disciplines and walks of life.

Events may be held specifically with communications goals in mind or they may be held for other reasons such networking, training, collaboration or celebration. Events at ANU take many forms, including exhibitions, concerts, morning/afternoon teas, seminars, public lectures (see our public lectures how to), workshops, dinners, cocktail parties, theatre performances and symposiums.

We've prepared a check list to help you work your way through organising an event, but it doesn't replace getting in touch with us for help.

The checklist is a great way to keep track of your event plans and guide you through the different stages of planning your lecture (we even use it!).

Why host an event?

Events can help you engage with the local community, alumni or students, share knowledge, inspire donors or attract future students.

Events are also an opportunity for ANU to engage with government, business and the public, to inform and educate the community, to showcase ANU research and successes, and to celebrate and connect with people across campus.

Before organising an event you should think closely about what your goal/s and objectives are and what needs to be done to achieve them. See some examples in the checklist.

How SCAPA can help

Before you start to plan your event, it's a good idea to think about when to involve Strategic Communications and Public Affairs (SCAPA).

SCAPA can help you maximise your event's potential, boost your outreach and make sure protocol is met. If the event is on our horizon then we can identify media and promotional opportunities or potential research collaborations to help you achieve your goals. If you think you need to invite VIPs it is very important that you contact us.

Benefits of engaging with our office:

  • VIP/Ministerial protocol advice
  • broader communications leverage of event stories for news and recruitment purposes. This will help your event to 'live' longer and reach more people.
  • media opportunities
  • security
  • venue advice and coordination
  • executive briefing
  • targeted promotional support
  • video/photography services
  • invitation support
  • identification of specific audiences and how to approach them, and
  • measurement of  success post event.