Course evaluations framework

Course evaluation is a formative process that works best in tandem with the design, development and delivery of a teaching and learning experience. There are many forms of ‘evaluation’ serving different purposes and speaking to different audiences. Tailoring an evaluation process to shed light on future improvements is the main objective but there are other worthwhile spin-offs that return a profit on your investment of time and resources.

The evidence of improved learning outcomes derived from an investigation of changed teaching practices makes a convincing argument; running through all manner of professional narratives (e.g. award, grant and fellowship submissions; journal articles; and promotion applications).

Evaluation frameworks

With limited resources, CLT can offer support to teaching staff wishing to establish their own evaluation frameworks.

As with most design processes, the initial phase would trigger a scoping exercise that determines the Evaluation Aims ensuring the chosen approach is: 

  • Relevant (being purposeful, giving carriage to meaningful results); 
  • Effective (being productive, delivering consistent outputs); and 
  • Sustainable (being progressive, enabling long term benefits).

The evaluation methodology, through informal or formal methods, may involve a light form of Action Research which will return a good mix of quantitative and qualitative insights that lead to improved learning and teaching experiences. What drives a useful evaluation is enquiry, and it’s that nagging question, that inkling of an idea, that warrants an investigation into an array of alternative solutions.

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