Technology Enhanced Learning

What is Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and how does it relate to my teaching?

Technology Enhanced Learning describes the application of technology to learning and teaching. The use of TEL tools can support an accessible, responsive and student-centred learning experience, where students are connected to teachers, resources and a diverse community of learners.

At ANU, TEL refers to the combination of pedagogical principles and practices that support student learning with the appropriate application of electronic communications and computer-based technology. TEL encompasses modes of course delivery that use a diversity of technologies, such as multimedia, video and online conferencing tools, podcasting, chat rooms and dedicated learning management systems. 

In its broader context, technology enhanced learning may be interpreted as learning that occurs through the application of electronic communication and computer-based education technology, combined with the pedagogical principles and practices that are applicable to and tailored for this purpose. 

At ANU, the Technology-Enhanced Learning Reference Group (TELRG) monitors, reviews and reports to the Teaching and Learning Development Committee (TLDC) on matters relating to TEL.

What system should I use?

Learning and Teaching systems  that are the most commonly used at ANU. 

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Further support

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Training & resources

Some students may need support to access education technologies. For advice, contact Access and Inclusion.