Teaching remotely

ANU expects to complete the full transition back to pre-pandemic modes of study with all students on campus by Semester 2 2023. 

The information below is to assist academics in case teaching face-to- face on campus is not possible.

Technologies for Remote Teaching

1. Zoom 

The University has a corporate license, which is available for all University staff to use at https://anu.zoom.us. If your computer does not already have Zoom, this software should only ever be downloaded from the official Zoom download site or official app stores. A maximum of 300 attendees can attend a single Zoom meeting using the standard ANU license. 

To arrange for any of the following, please log a ticket through the ANU IT Service Desk portal:  

  • A large meeting space where all participants can speak (up to 500 people). 
  • A Webinar license broadcasting to up to 500 attendees.  

Note: Upload all recordings to Echo360 from your Wattle course. See instructions on how to HERE.

2. Echo360 Livestream 

Academics can use Echo360 Livestream as a teaching mode during lockdown, using Echo360 Universal Capture Personal on their ANU or personal devices such laptops and PCs. For instructions on how to start an Echo360 Livestream, click HERE.

If academics want to pre-record content, they can also do this with Echo360 Universal Capture on their ANU device or personal device.

3. Teams for remote teaching 

Academics can also use Microsoft Teams available as an application on ANU managed devices such as Laptops. You can also access Microsoft Teams through the Office 365 suite of tools available to all ANU staff and students. Use your ANU email address and password to sign in. 

Microsoft Teams allow for up to 1000 participants in an interactive, video and chat, meeting without the need for additional licensing.  

For "How to" guides, please click on the relevant links below: 

Note:  Once your meeting has finished, the meeting recording will be made available in the meeting chat that can be accessed during and after the meeting.  Download the recording and manually upload to Echo360.

4. Virtual Information Commons

If you cannot teach on campus, but require software that is installed on PCs within the ANU Computor labs, a Virtual solution will be availbale. 

For more information on the available options, please contact the Virtual Information Commons Project Manager, Fred Etter.

Advice for Teaching Remotely

The need for empathy, flexibility, and connection emerged as themes in Lunch Vox #6 – In your students’ shoes. Students, from a variety of disciplines and program levels at ANU, shared practical strategies that could be applied by course conveners, tutors and ANU more widely to create a high-quality university experience for offshore students.

Create opportunities for students to connect & interact via Zoom breakout rooms and Wattle discussion forums.