Information for students

Completing an online student survey

  1. From the relevant SELT start date, check your university email account for an invitation to participate, and click on the link in the email to directly access a survey form. The emails will come from ANU Institutional Research (
  2. You can also check the 'Evaluations (SELT)' block in Wattle for links to your surveys. This can be found at the bottom of the Wattle homepage after signing in.
  3. If teaching evaluations have been requested, you will be able to select the teachers you wish to evaluate within the survey. Carefully check which course/lecturer/tutor is being evaluated and enter your responses.
  4. Be sure to leave constructive feedback. Whether your learning experience was positive or negative, your responses can be used to enhance or improve ANU courses and teaching.
  5. Click SUBMIT to complete the process.

The survey process

Article: The SELT journey - Where do your surveys go?

Survey results

Course and teaching components

After the release of student grades, qualitative (including student comments) course and teaching survey results will be available to relevant academic staff on ANU Insight. Individual teaching results are provided to the teacher and will also be available to their relevant management line and the College and University Executive.

Enrolled students will be able to view quantitative course results on individual course pages on Programs and Courses.

Frequently asked questions (Students)

 Why is SELT important?

  •  Students provide a unique insight into the learning and teaching experience. By providing feedback, you are directly helping the University to understand what is working and where there is room for improvement.
  •  Contributing to SELT can also help other students make informed choices about the classes they enrol in, as quantitative SELT results are available on most course pages on Programs and Courses.

 When are student evaluations conducted?

  •  Semester 1 and 2 evaluations are typically conducted from Week 12 through to the end of exams. For non-standard (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) sessions, dates vary according to the course. Information about survey dates can be found in the SELT timetable.
  •  If you are unsure, please ask your lecturer when the evaluations for that course will be run.

 Will my responses be confidential?

  •  Yes, from 2021, all SELT responses are confidential.
  •  Confidential feedback means ANU can identify a student response in very specific circumstances, including cases where there is concern for student or staff welfare, or comments that breach the Student Code of Conduct.
  •  Results of surveys, including comments, will not be provided to the teaching staff member until after student grades are released.
  •  It may still be possible for students to be identified through the specific feedback that they provide. The University's policy and procedure specify that staff must act ethically with student feedback.
  •  If you have any concerns about the behaviour of staff, this can be discussed with the Dean of Students.

 Who is able to view SELT results?

  •  Quantitative (numbered ratings) course results are available to staff via ANU Insight. These are also visible to staff and students on individual course pages via Programs and Courses.
  •  Qualitative (with student comments) course and teaching results are made available to relevant staff after grades are released.

 Who can I provide teaching feedback about?

  •  The surveys enable students to provide feedback on any class the student is enrolled in. In the case of teaching evaluations, students can provide feedback on any lecturers or tutors associated with that course, whose names appear on their SELT form.

 Is completing the survey compulsory?

  •  It is not compulsory for students to complete a SELT survey, however, survey participation is highly encouraged. Feedback gathered in SELT responses helps to improve the delivery of courses and teaching. If you choose not to complete a SELT evaluation, you will not be penalised.

 I missed the deadlines, can I provide feedback via other channels?

  •  Yes. Although surveys cannot be re-opened beyond the deadline, students have several options for providing feedback. They may like to contact their lecturer, tutor or course convener directly, or if they wish to remain anonymous, may contact their school administration and ask for feedback to be passed to the relevant lecturer, tutor or course convener anonymously. Please note that this option is at the discretion of individual schools and may vary.

 How is the feedback I provide used by teachers at ANU?

  •  Teachers are encouraged to use SELT feedback to improve the delivery of their classes and for professional development.
  •  SELT results are also used in course reviews at a College level and are an important quality control measure.

Further information

If you need further information, please contact the Institutional Research team.