Student Barometer Surveys (ISB and SB)


The Student Barometer, comprising the International Student Barometer (ISB) and the domestic Student Barometer (SB), is administered online to ANU students during the first half of the academic year by i-graduate to collect data on students' learning, living experiences and ratings of support services.

Key dates

Students will receive emails inviting them to participate on the launch date, and subsequent reminder emails every week if they have not yet completed the survey. 

Start Date 19/04/2021
Reminder 1 27/04/2021
Reminder 2 5/05/2021
Reminder 3 11/05/2021
Reminder 4 - Last Chance 14/05/2021
End Date 16/05/2021

How many students have had their say?

Weekly response volume

Check back weekly for updated survey response volume by College*.

College As at Week 3
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences 784
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific 267
ANU College of Business and Economics 583
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science 356
ANU College of Health and Medicine 164
ANU College of Law 168
ANU College of Science 508

* Some students belong to more than one College.

An Anonymous Survey – even with personalised invitations and reminders

The Student Barometer surveys are anonymous.  This is achieved by separating the mailing lists from the data. 

The way these surveys are administered is that i-graduate sends ANU enough hyperlinks to surveys for every student at ANU.  The Institutional Research team matches student names and e-mail addresses to individual links.  The Institutional Research team then does a “mail merge” to create the e-mail correspondence students receive from ANU (i-graduate does not correspond directly with students through the collection). 

Each week of the survey, i-graduate sends the Institutional Research team a list of un-used links.  We then update our records and send reminders to students who are yet to respond.  So, even though you receive personalised reminders with your individual link, we have no way to link your identity with your responses. 

At the end of the survey, the links are removed from the data.  This makes it impossible for us to link the data back to any individual.

Compliant with the ANU Privacy Policy

As part of the administration behind the survey, we make sure the process is compliant with the ANU Privacy Policy.  You can find a copy of the Privacy Impact Assessment in the 'Reference documents' section of this page.

Withdrawing your Student Barometer Response

Your response to the survey can only be withdrawn while the survey is in the field.  If you wish to withdraw your response, you can do so in one of two ways. 

  1. Get in touch with the Institutional Research team ( and request your data be withdrawn.  We will then send an e-mail to i-graduate asking your data to be deleted.  This approach preserves your anonymity as it keeps the separation between your identity and your data. 
  2. Get in touch with i-graduate directly and request your data be withdrawn.  This approach means i-graduate will know who you are.  Of course, once the data has been deleted, there will be no link between your identity and your response.