2021 Accommodations Survey

Survey information

As part of our efforts to continuously improve the University’s residential experience, we are asking students who are enrolled during 2021 in on-campus accommodation provided by the University to complete a short survey. The survey asks about students’ experiences in accommodation and their suggestions for improvements. The survey covers issues including residential staff roles, administration, amenities, community life, safety, wellbeing and academic support.

Student responses have seen the survey evolving since it started in 2014. These surveys have been used to improve accommodation services provided by the University. Past changes prompted by the survey include additional funding for staff so all residences have a Residential Wellbeing Co-ordinator or similar role, additional investment to improve functionality in the Fenner Hall kitchens and more fit for purpose Security services for residences.

We are running the survey again in 2021 to inform our future improvements to the residential experience.

Benefits to participants
Respondents to this survey have the opportunity to provide insights into key areas for student-oriented improvements to on-campus accommodation provided by the University.  The findings from the survey will inform ongoing service improvements to benefit current and future students living on-campus. 

Survey findings can also be provided to key representatives of external service providers so they can use your feedback to to improve their service delivery.  Where external service providers are given feedback arising from this survey, the feedback will be presented so that there is no way to link responses back to any individual. 

This survey has been developed by the Division of Residential Experience and is being administered by the Planning and Service Performance Division. This exercise has been endorsed by Professor Ian Anderson, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student and University Experience.

There is no intent to use the data from this survey for a research purpose.  Should a researcher seek to access the data for a research purpose in the future, access to the data will only be granted following proof the research activity has been reviewed and approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee. 

Your responses to the survey are anonymous.  This means there is no way to link responses back to any individual.  This also means that we are unable to withdraw your responses from the data after they have been submitted. 

Raw data will be stored securely and access will be restricted to the Planning and Service Performance team at ANU.

The survey complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and its subsequent amendments, which are available at https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2014C00076 and https://www.legislation.gov.au/Series/C2004A03712/Amendments, respectively. Additionally, the survey also complies with the University Privacy Policy, which is available at https://policies.anu.edu.au/ppl/document/ANUP_010007. The Privacy Policy contains information about:

  • accessing or seeking correction to personal information, and/or

  • how a person can complain about a breach of an Australian Privacy Principle by ANU, and how ANU will handle the complaint.

Risks to participants
The survey uses non-invasive questions to ask participants about their engagement in, and experiences of, various accommodation services. The risk to participants is assessed as low. However, if you are confronted by some aspect of the survey or experience distress after completing this survey, please seek support from the services listed below.

Support services
While we evaluate the risk of this survey as being low to most individuals, the University appreciates that the participants surveyed have a diverse life experience, and some students may be sensitive to the topics surveyed. If there were elements of this survey that you find confronting, you may wish to seek support from some of the services listed below.

For further information about this survey, please contact:

The Institutional Research Team,
Planning & Service Performance

For questions or comments about ANU Accommodation Services, please contact:

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