Interactive learning at ANU

Many different forms of interactive learning are employed at ANU. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.


John Minns - Students as Partners

John Minns - Students as Partners

John is teaching a course in international political economy. In this video he talks about imparting his own enthusiasm and curiosity to students and giving them the choice in some of the topics so they can engage more in their learning.

Kylie Catchpole - Discovering Engineering [Case Study] - iLeap

Discovering Engineering with Kylie Catchpole

Lectures and tutorials are re-mixed as “lectorials” in Discovering Engineering. The course is structured around a project in which students work in groups to make an autonomous rover that steers itself around a maze. Through the process, student develop their project management and communication skills, and experience a very practical approach to engineering.

John Blaxland - Honeypots and Overcoats [Case Study] - iLeap

Honeypots and Overcoats with John Blaxland

Lectures and tutorials are merged into three-hour interactive sessions for a crisis simulation exercise where students actively role play appointments within the Australian national intelligence community. 

Carol Hayes - Japanese #3 [Case Study] - iLeap

Japanese 3 with Carol Hayes

In this course Carol uses a ‘flipped classroom’ model to encourage students to take ownership over the content. Students are encouraged to interact with their peers through four different modules and rotate through parallel activities within the classroom.

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