The university has voice mail facilities available for all PABX extensions.  This facility is not automatically added to an extension.  You can request to add a new mailbox to your extension or make changes to an existing mailbox by logging a request on the Service Desk

The voicemail system can be accessed by dialing 53333 if you are on campus or (02) 6125 3333 if calling from off campus.  If calling internationally dial +61261253333.

Setting up your new mailbox

  1. Dial 53333 (61253333 if you are calling from off campus)
  2. Enter your default password provided to you.

You will then be taken through a process to change the password and record your greeting and name.

Once this has been done your Aura MM voice mail is ready for use.

Manage how you receive messages

The Aura MM system allows you to manage how you receive messages via a web interface

To change your personal preferences

  1. Open your browser the select  Aura MM
  2. Enter your mailbox number (your extension number) and your password for access.  The option "Notify Me - Phone Notifications" is not available.

Some of the additional facilities include having your messages sent to you as a .wav file via email and changing the system prompt voice to UK English.

When dialing 53333, if you hear the prompt "To access your mailbox press #" it means that you do not have voice mail.  Log a job on the Service Desk to request a new mailbox. .

Change your mailbox pin

If you need to change your PIN number on your voicemail, log a job with the Service Desk including your extension number and name.