Phone Extensions & Staff Directory 

Submit a service request via the Service Desk Portal if you need to: 

  • Arrange a new phone extension (phone number) for a new staff member
  • Get an existing extension and its associated directory details updated 
  • Request a phone extension to be de-provisioned due to a staff member leaving or changing roles

When requesting a new phone extension to be provisioned, please provide the following details for the new staff member, along with written approval from their financial delegate or manager along with a valid charge code: 

  • Uni ID number 
  • Salutation;
  • First Name(s) 
  • Last Name
  • Position/Title
  • Department/School
  • Building Name
  • Building Number  

Ownership and Re-assignment of Extensions 

When an individual commences with the University, ITS will assign the user a new phone extension (if requested). It is the responsibility of the user to log in and log out of their allocated phone extension when moving desks or as part of internal transfers. This also ensures any configuration settings set by the user for their assigned extension will ‘follow’ them to their new phone.  

Important: IT Services (ITS) own and manage all ANU phone extensions - they are not owned by business areas or individuals. Re-assigning an existing phone extension to another staff member is not encouraged, however some exceptions are made for specific role-based University positions e.g. Executives, Executive Assistants.  

Re-assignment of phone extensions can introduce issues with the ongoing management of phone extensions, accuracy of staff directory details, billing information and invoicing, as well as the normal operation of your desk phone and programmed features/functionality e.g. call permissions (Local, STD, International and Mobile permissions), hotkeys and button customisations. 

As a general rule when an individual commences with the University, a new phone extension should be assigned and when an individual departs the University their phone extension should be disabled.