Windows 8.1

All Windows computers within the Information Commons have been upgraded to Windows 8.1. This includes machines within libraries, computer labs, and residences, offering students the latest operating system and up to date software - including Microsoft Office 2013.

Please note: The first time you log onto a machine, the wait time may be about five minutes to setup your profile. This will happen on every new machine you log onto. ITS apologises for any inconvenience caused by this delay. Please allow for this time at each new machine you log onto.

The first time you open an Office 2013 application, such as Microsoft Word, you will be prompted to enter your logon credentials. Use your HORUS/ISIS logon credentials. The same message will appear when you visit a non-ANU page in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox). Simply enter your logon credentials and click OK. If the menu at the top of the web browser is not displaying, right click at the top of the web browser, and a drop down menu should appear, and give you the option to select 'Menu bar'. The menu bar will appear. Or, press the Alt key to display it.

Guides and helpful links

A Windows 8.1 user guide for lecturers features useful information for academic and teaching staff. Familiarisation sessions were offered in the first two weeks of teaching, aimed at academic staff engaged in teaching activities. A DLD recording of the familiarisation session is available above for your reference.

A Windows 8.1 User Guide for staff is available to assist with navigating the ANU environment, and tips for using Windows 8.1.

Training for students is available by contacting the Information Literacy Program (ILP).

The Microsoft Technology Student Lounge is also available to staff and students to experience Windows 8.1. The Tech Lounge is located in the Arndt Building #25, ground level, and is open to students and staff during 2014 from 8am - 8pm during teaching periods, and then on weekdays from 8am - 6pm at other times.

Pulse offers online learning courses for Microsoft Word 2013, and Microsoft Excel 2013. These can be hard to find unless you are in the 'List' view. Scroll down past Windows 2010, until you see Windows 2013. There is only Word and Excel available. No other modules will be added at this time.

The Microsoft website features fantastic training videos, information, and tips.