View and add users

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This guide includes how to view and add new people to your course, using the Participants page.



View students enrolled in your course; filter and search to manage large groups. Add or remove other lecturers or tutors to your course.

For a regular teaching course, it is NOT recommended that you add students manually to your course. Please see Access to Courses regarding student access.


Step 1

Within your Wattle course, open the Nav Drawer (if necessary), using the Hamburger menu, top left.

Step 2

Click Participants in the Nav Drawer, just under the course code. This gives you a list of users enrolled in the course.

On this page, you can view and sort all course participants, filter to show specific roles or status, move people in and out of groups, and send messages.

Step 3

To add users: just under the Gear menu (cog icon, top right), click the Enrol users button.

Step 4

In the pop-up window, search for the person with their UniID or name in first search field. Click the person you want when they appear in the list. Repeat to add more people, if necessary. (Ignore the Select cohorts field, as cohorts are generally not in use at ANU.)

Step 5

Select the appropriate role in the Assign role dropdown, e.g. Tutor or Lecturer.

Step 6

Click the Enrol selected users and cohorts button.

Step 7

The Participants page will take a moment to reload with the new people included.