Video: How do I Embed You Tube Videos in my Wattle course

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There are different ways to incorporate YouTube videos into your Wattle site.

You can embed the video into various resources such as a Page, Book or Label within your site.

The techniques for embedding the video will be the same for whichever Wattle Resource types  (Page, Book, Label etc.) you choose to save the video into.

You can also embed the Video directly onto the opening site of your Wattle course, however please note that if you have a large amount of video content on the opening course site, this will affect the download times needed for students to open your course site from some devices.


Step 1

share button
Click to enlarge image.

Firstly you need to have your video’s embed code ready, so that when you follow the steps below, you are able to copy the embed code into the HTML source editor.

To find the embed code, click on the Share button (found directly under the YouTube video) and select Embed.

Step 2

embed code
Click to enlarge image.

A screen with the video and other details will pop-up. Select or deselect any Embed options, or change the starting time of the video if necessary. Copy the code (as highlighted in the image). 

Step 3

Turn editing on
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Go to the top right of your Wattle course screen and Turn Editing On.

Step 4

Add an activity
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Scroll down to the section or topic of your course that you wish to add the video and click on +Add an activity or resource.

Step 5

Add page
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Choose where you would like to place your Video by selecting from the Resources list, tick the radio button beside your selection and then click Add.

For this example we will choose to insert the Video into a Page.

Step 6

Click to enlarge image.

This will open the Page content area.

Here you can give your page a Name and a Description.

In the Page content area click on the Edit HTML source  < >  icon.

Step 7

HTML Source Code
Click to enlarge image.

This will open up the HTML source editor screen.

Paste the Embed code that you have previously copied from your selected YouTube video into this box then click Update.

Step 8

Click to enlarge image.

Your video will then appear in the Page content box.

Click Save changes.

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