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The way for a lecturer to send an instant message to the students is through the Participants page.

Sending a message through Participants will generate a message in Wattle as well as an email to the students.

The message can be sent to all or just some students.

You can also send the message to Students, Lecturers or All participants in the course by selecting the appropriate current role.


Step 1

Navigation tab
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In your Wattle course, proceed to the Navigation Tab which is located in the Top Left corner of the screen.

Step 2

My courses
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In the Navigation block: WattleMy Courses > [your course name].  

The course menu should be expanded, listing Participants, Reports, General, Topic 1, etc.

Step 3

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Click on Participants. You'll see a list of participants, such as lecturers, tutors and students

Step 4

Current Role
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Optional: Filter the list by clicking the Current role dropdown menu and select the role you want, for example Student.

Step 5

Show all users
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For a big class, click the Show all link on the bottom left of the Wattle page to display the complete list of participants.  

Note: If there are multiple pages of the participants, click Select all will only include the participants on the single page you have loaded.

Step 6

Select All button
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Either: Click the Select all button, if you wish the message to be sent to all participants in your course.

Step 7

Select a user
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Click the individual Select checkboxes to the left side of the Students namesthat you wish to send this message to.

Step 8

Send a message option
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In the selected users dropdown menu, choose Send message.

Step 9

Message body
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The message editing screen will then appear.

Compose the message in the Message Body area, using the text editor to format it.

Step 10

Preview message
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Click Preview.

Step 11

Send a message to the user
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If the message looks correct, click Send message. 

If you want to integrate the message to the course site, post the same message into the News Forum.

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