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This guide includes infomration on creating a Scheduler activity which allow students to book appointments to see the teaching staff.

A specific number of slots to be created, and the duration of the slots can be set up in the activity prior to allow the students to book the appointment.

Email notifications can be turned on to notify both the students and the teaching staff on any updates to the appointments.

A booking form can be also be enabled for the teaching staff to provide instructions to the students on how to make appointments, and allow the students to put in information for the teaching staff on what they would like to discuss in the meeting.



Scheduler provides convenience for making appointments to both the students and teaching staff, and at the same time prevents long queues outside the teaching staff offices.

The booking form allows students to input information prior to the meeting, allowing both parties to know the content of the discussion.

As email notifications can be turned on, both students and teaching staff will be notified should there be any last minute changes.



Step 1
Adding Scheduler

In your course, click on the Gear menu (cog icon, top-right), and select Turn editing on

Select the Topic section in which you would like to add the assignment. On the bottom right hand corner of the section, click Add an activity or resource

In the Activity Chooser, select Scheduler, note the description and instructions that display, and click Add

Enter the activity name and the description. The description of the Scheduler should include all the instructions a student needs to complete for signing up for a time slot.

Step 2
Setting Options

In the Options section, you will be able to:

  • Update the role of the teacher that is displayed to the students.
    • E.g.: the person who is attending the students can be renamed as a “consultant”
  • Limit the number of groups/time slots that they can book into
  • Prevent the student from switching/cancelling a time slot a certain time before the scheduled time by enabling Guard time
  • Set the duration of each appointment
  • Decide whether a Notification is to be send to the student and lecturer when there are any updates to the appointment, such as cancellation.
  • Decide whether Notes are to be used for

Step 3
Booking Form

In the Booking form and student-supplied data section, you will be able to:

  • Decide whether the Booking form is to be used
  • Put Instructions on what should be included in the form
  • Decide whether you will allow the student to put information into the form
    • E.g.: if the lecturer has decided to make use of the form, the lecturer can instruct the students to put information into the form for what they would like to discuss in the appointment
  • Decide whether the students can upload files and their size to the booking

Once the different options have been set up, click Save and display.

Step 4
Adding Slots to the Scheduler

You will now return to the course site, and you will now be able to Add slots by clicking on the cog next to Add slots.

  • You can choose to add repeated slots or single slot

To add repeated slots:

  • You can set the date from which the slots will start from
  • You will be able to enable when the slots will end
  • Or you will be able to choose in what day of the week the slots will be made available
  • Add in a time range and duration for the appointments
  • Decide whether there should be any breaks between the slots (e.g. 5 min or 10 min in between each slot)
  • Decide on the maximum number of student per slot
  • Decide on the location of where the appointment will take place*

*It is Recommended to include the location of where the appointment will take place in the set up. The location will be sent in the notification email when the student books in the slot if the notification setting is turned on.

- You will be able to assign a teacher to the slots, allowing students to know who they will be seeing

- You will be able to decide when you will reveal the slots to the students, so the students can start booking in

- You will be able to decide whether an email reminder is to be turned on and when the reminder for the appointment should be sent to

Once all these options have been set, click on Save changes.

You will now see the slots in the activity.

Step 5
Student booking slots

Students will be able to click on Book slot to book into the appointment, and students will also be able to click on Cancel booking to cancel their booking.


Step 6
Further information

For further information, please visit