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Quizzes can be built within Wattle in two ways:

By creating the quiz initially and creating the questions in the question bank and then adding the questions to the quiz.    


By building a question bank first and then create the quiz and add questions to the quiz from the bank.

Further information regarding quiz types can be found in the official Moodle Documentation website.

There are now four new quiz types available:


Step 1

Turn editing on
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Go to the top right corner of your Wattle site and click Turn editing on.

Step 2

Add activity
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In the section to which you would like to add the quiz, click on the + Add an activity or resource button


Step 3

Add quiz
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Then select Quiz from the drop-down list and click Add.

Step 4

Add name and description
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On the adding a new quiz page click on the Expand all to open up the sections

Give the quiz a name and a brief introductory description.

Step 5

Setting Timing
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To set the timing of the quiz, click on the Enable for the opening and closing of the quiz and nominate the dates and the times that you would like the quiz to open and close.

Tick Enable if would like to set a time limit for eac attempt of the quiz.

You can also enable and set a submission grace period if you select There is a grade period when open attempts can be submited, but no more questions answered  (from the drop down menu - When time expires)

Step 6

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You can select which grade category within the gradebook you would like the quiz to go into and input the minimum grade required to pass.

Select how many attempts allowed you would like students to be able to have at the quiz and which grading method you would like used from the relevant drop down menu boxes.

Step 7

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You can also select how many questions you would like to have appearing on each new page of the quiz.

Navigation method can be sequential, allowing students to work through the quiz in order, or free, allowing students to click back and forwards throughout the quiz.

Step 8

Question behaviour
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Question Behaviour
At Shuffle within questions you can select whether you would like multiple choice or matching questions to be randomly shuffled
At How questions behave you can set for 'deferred feedback' and students will receive feedback after completing the quiz. Other options such as 'immediate feedback' or 'interactive with multiple tries' will also allow you enable students to redo questions within an attempt (click Show more to see these options). You can also allow students to improve their scores by building on each attempt.
If you set for 'Immediate feedback' the student is notified as to whether they have answered correctly or not.
If you set for 'Interactive with Multiple tries' this allows students to get immediate feedback as they go, and to also resubmit their answers until they submit the correct one.

Step 9

Quiz Review Options. ANU Wattle
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Review Options
You can select when you would like students to be able to see their attempts or report. 

Step 10

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You can choose to Show user's picture and reveal how many Decimal places in grades and/or grades for individual questions you would like displayed

Show more allows you to choose if you want blocks to appear during quiz attempts.

Step 11

Extra restrictions on attempts
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Extra restrictions on attempts
You can choose to set Require password to allow students to access the quiz
Require network address - gives the option of restricting access to a specific room
Enforced delay - allows the setting of delay time between attempts
Browser security - allows further restrictions
Show more will also allow you to enable the quiz to be attempted offline using the mobile app.

Step 12

Quiz Overall feedback. ANU Wattle
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Overall feedback

This is shown after students have completed the quiz, and can be customised with specific feedback comments, depending on which grade the student has received.

Step 13

Common Module Settings
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Common module settings

In this section you can change the Availability setting, show or hide the chat on the course page or keep the chat under stealth mode (i.e. Hide chat from course page but make it available via a direct link or the auto linking function - see Stealth Activity user guides for more information).

You can also specify the groups that you want to access the quiz.

Step 14

Add restriction
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Restrict access
Allows the addition of any further restrictions you might want to add to the quiz

Click on the Add restriction button.

Step 15

Add restriction
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On the panel, you can add restrictions based on Activity completion, Date, Grade, Group, User profile and Restriction set.

This can be used to set requirements for the students to meet before they can access the quiz.

Restrictions can be used to create complex criteria.

Step 16

Activity completion
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Activity Completion

This option is only available if Completion Tracking is enabled under Course administration. Students can use this to track their progress - an indicator is now available on their dashboard.  

In the drop down menu beside Completion tracking, the Lecturer can choose from the options of:

  • Do not indicate activity completion
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met

Expect completed on a certain date by ticking the enable box, and then setting an expected date.

Step 17

Save file and return to course
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Click Save and display to then access the page to add questions to the quiz.
Click the Edit Quiz button.
This will take you to the Quiz creation builder where you click on Add a question. and select the type of Quiz which you wish to build (eg Multiple choice, True /False, etc). Your quiz can then be built out by 
submitting the question and answers into the Quiz builder screens.
When submitting each correct question and answer, scroll down to the bottom of the Quiz builder and click Save Changes


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