PoodLL: Voice Recording in Wattle

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PoodLL: Voice Recording in Wattle

PoodLL is the voice recording tool in Wattle. It is enabled in the text editor, and is available in both TinyMCE or Atto.

With PoodLL enabled, you can record speech almost anywhere that you can type a paragraph: typing a forum post, editing a Wiki page, or creating a Page or Book.

In your assignment settings, you can also enable PoodLL to give feedback through a voice recording. See more under Assignment to learn how to set this up.

NOTE: This tool is designed for short 5-min recordings. Long recordings may be cut short or interrupted.



Step 1

Step 1 Toolbar Toggle button
Click to enlarge image.

In to the area (e.g. Wiki) you would like insert the voice recording, click the Toolbar Toggle button to show the full toolbar.

Step 2

Step 2 Record MP3 button
Click to enlarge image.

When you hover over the microphone icon, it will say Record MP3. Click on the button. 

Step 3

PoodLL Record
Click to enlarge image.

The Create media file window will then pop up. Click the red recording button to begin to begin recording.

Please ensure that you have enabled your internal or external microphone. You may be prompted with a pop-up message to select the appropriate microphone.

Step 4

Stop PoodLL
Click to enlarge image.

Wait 2 seconds before speaking.

After you finish speaking, wait 2 seconds, then click the Stop button.

Step 5

Play and save PoodLL
Click to enlarge image.

To check that the recording worked, press the Play button and listen. If you are happy with your recording, hit save.

Step 6

Upload and insert PoodLL
Click to enlarge image.

It is recommended to wait for the conversion process - it should say Uploaded sucessfully once it is completed.

To accept and insert your recording into your text, click the Insert button.

Step 7

PoodLL File in Text
Click to enlarge image.

Your recording will usually appear in the text/editing area as a file name like this: upfile_2322828910.mp3

Step 8

PoodLL recording
Click to enlarge image.

Click Save, Post or Submit (depending on activity type) below the editing area to preview it.

Wattle will display the recording as an MP3 player after you save the page. Please note that the recording may take a few minutes to finalise after you have saved the recording.

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