Mark assignments and give feedback

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The Wattle Assignment activity allows the lecturer to communicate assessment tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback. It is separate to Turnitin, the text-matching and assignment submission system.

This guide will explain how to access, grade, and provide feedback on student assignments. To set up your assignment in Wattle view the guide Create assignments.



Marking assignments through Wattle supports consistent assessment and feedback. The Assignment activity includes marking guides, rubrics, annotation of files, and audio feedback.



For further information on assessment and grading go to Wattle Basics Online and self-enrol in this course, then go to the section called “Assessment and Grading.”



Step 1

In your course Wattle site, click on the assignment that you wish to mark.

Step 2

On the Grading Summary page that opens, you can choose to either View all submissions or Grade. Select View all submissions to see all the assignments submitted.

Step 3

On this grading page, you will see a list of all the students with details about their assignments, whether they have submitted and when, the files submitted, and information on the grade and feedback. Click the Grading action drop-down menu at the top of the screen to download all the original files.

Step 4

To mark the student’s submission, click on the Grade button. If you are editing a previously marked grade, click Edit.

Step 5

On the grading page that appears, you can see the student submission on the left, and the grading options on the right. There are three grading methods available: Simple direct grading, Marking guide, and Rubric. Which method you use is selected when first creating the assignment.

Step 6
Annotating the assignment

You can use the tool bar which appears above the student assignment to add comments, highlight, delete, and draw to give comments directly on the assignment for students to view.

Step 7
Overall comments

You can add feedback and comments on the right-hand side for the students, and enter their grade. You can also upload a file (such as a Word document or PDF) to the Feedback Files section.

Step 8

Scroll down and select if you would like to Notify students by email that their grade and feedback are available.

Please note: if you have hidden the grades or activity, the students will not be able to access them, even if they receive the email.

Click on Save changes to save the grade allocated.

Step 9

You can use the left and right arrows at the top of the screen to navigate to the next assignment for marking.

Step 10

The Assignment can also include a marking guide or a rubric for assessment. These need to be set up when you first create the assignment. For more information, see the Moodle Docs guides on Marking Guide and Rubric.