Hide resources and activities

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Activities or resources on your course main page can have three states:

  • Shown – visible and available to students
  • Hidden from students – completely unavailable
  • Available but not shown on course page – also known as “stealth”

A whole section (Topic or Week) may also be hidden or shown.



Hiding items allows you to include resources or activities in a course, without them being visible to students on the main course page.

Reasons to hide items from students include:

  • avoid a long scroll of items, to keep your course simple to navigate
  • create a repository for staff resources, inappropriate for student access
  • pre-load items to be manually revealed at a later date, e.g. worked solutions
  • items can be hidden on the main course page but available to students at strategic points in the course, such as within a quiz or a “book”.


  • Consider creating an accessible Resources section at the bottom of the course page to encourage independent and self-directed learners.
  • Auto-linking is a closely related design tool. For an item that is Shown or Stealth, Auto-linking creates a link to the item, wherever else in the course its title appears.



    Step 1

    Click on Turn editing on located on the top right corner of the course site.

    Step 2

    A single item – Hide, Make available, or Show

    To hide an item, use the Edit menu to the right of the item, choose Hide.

    The item title and icon will become greyed-out and a small label indicates Hidden from students.

    Step 3

    For a hidden item, the Edit menu has two options:

    • Show – returns the item to its original status, visible to students
    • Make available – the item is then labelled Available but not shown on course page. Students may access this item from other parts of the course (e.g. via auto-links), but will not see it on the main page. This is also known as a “stealth” item.

    Step 4

    For a stealth item, the Edit menu also has two options:

    • Show – the item returns to its original visible status
    • Make unavailable – the item becomes hidden and unavailable to students

    Step 5

    Screen capture showing hidden resources in Wattle
    Click to enlarge image.

    To create a link to a stealth item, right-click on the item and Copy link address, then create a link using that URL; or simply type the title of the item elsewhere in the course, e.g. in a label, a book or a quiz, to create an auto-link.

    Step 6

    Hide or Show a whole Section

    (Depending on your choice in Course settings > Course format, a section may be referred to as a “Topic” or a “Week”.  These instructions use “Topic” throughout.)

    1. Click on Turn editing on located on the top right corner of the course site
    2. From the Edit menu to the right of the section title, choose Hide topic

    Depending on your choice in the Course settings > Course format, the topic either completely disappears from students’ view, or they see just the title with the label Not available. Lecturers see the label Hidden from students.

    All the items in a hidden topic also become hidden and unavailable, regardless of whether they were initially shown, hidden or “stealth”.  Manual links to items now hidden will no longer work.  Auto-links will automatically be removed.  If the topic is shown again (Edit menu > choose Show topic), items remember and return to their previous status of shown, hidden or “stealth”.