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This guide includes information on creating Groups and Groupings, then using the Group Self-Select activity to allow students to choose the group they want to join.  A limit can be placed on the number of users in every group. The activity can also be set to open and close at specific times. 



Wattle’s Groups can be used to provide different resources to subsets of your students; e.g. a reading or assignment revealed only to your masters students; an Adobe Connect room just for your online cohort.

Grouping is a collection of groups and can be used to provide more complex arrangements, e.g. a forum or wiki that is private to each tutorial group; or to assign a number of groups to each tutor.

Group Self-Select is an activity you can use to allow students to organise themselves into your groups. Its most common use in Wattle is tutorial sign up, and it can also be used in a wide range of situations, e.g. to create presentation groups or study groups. 


Step 1
Create Groups

To create a Group self-select activity, you will first be required to create groups in the course site.

  • In the Navigation Drawer on the left, click the Participants link, the first item under the name of the course.
  • In the Participants page, go to the Gear menu (cog icon, top-right) and choose Groups.
  • In the Groups page, click Create group.
  • Enter the Group name, optionally include a Description (e.g. Monday 2-3pm, room 1.68) and a Picture.


Once the groups are set up in the course, return to the course, click on the Gear menu (cog icon, top-right), and select Turn editing on

Step 2
Setting up Group Self-Select Activity

1.    Select the Topic section in which you would like to add the assignment. On the bottom right hand corner of the section, click Add an activity or resource

2.    In the Activity Chooser, select Group self-select, note the description and instructions that display, and click Add

3.    Enter the activity name and the description. The description of the Group self-select should include all the instructions a student needs to complete for signing up for the group.

3.1  There is a range of options available, which the lecturer can utilise to tailor the Group self-select to specific requirements, including:

  • Time and date from when the students can start signing up for the groups
  • Time and date until when the students can start signing up for the groups
  • The minimum and maximum members per group
  • The maximum number of groups that the students can participate in

3.2  In the General permissions section, lecturers will be able to choose whether the students can:

  • Join groups
  • Leave groups
  • Create groups*

*Please Note: if this option is enabled, students will be able to create their own groups within the course and other students of the course will also be able to join the groups. It is recommended to not enable this option as this may cause confusion for the students in the course.

3.3  In the Miscellaneous settings section, lecturers are able to:

  • Assign supervisors to groups
  • Can choose have the groups deleted when the last participant leaves the group**

**It is Not Recommended to have this option enabled, as this might require a re-creation of the group when another student wishes to join this same group again.


Once the different options have been set up, click Save and Display.

You will then see the groups that were created in the course site appear in the activity.

Step 3
Students joining and leaving groups

Students will be able to join a specific group by clicking “Become member of”. Or if they student wishes to withdraw from the group, they will be able to click on “Leave group”.

Both these actions will lead to a screen asking the student to confirm their action.

Step 4
Further information

For further information on Group self-select, please visit